Valio Con 2014

Valio Con 2014

On June 4th my wife and I will be heading to San Diego, California where I’ll be speaking at the fourth annual Valio Con conference.  Valio Con is a FUN Design & Development Conference that takes place each year in southern California.

I will be talking about how I got into designing, obstacles I’ve faced throughout my career and life, past experiences, but mostly I will be talking about the things I do everyday to stay positive and the things I do to overcome any new obstacles that get in my way. I will talk for around 30 minutes and do a 15 minute question and answer session at the end.

My goal at Valio Con will be to talk to and hopefully inspire the talented designers of the conference, get a chance to finally meet the great designers I’ve been lucky enough to get to know over the past few years online, and to have a great time with my wife and the other Valio Con people.

Here is a short clip of my @ValioCon intro video. I hope you like it!